Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

Reducing anti-social behaviour and repeat incidents

The Building Communities Together Team work with colleagues in other departments within West Berkshire Council, the Police, registered social landlords and other organisations to resolve ASB causing neighbour disputes to distress to vulnerable residents.

What is Anti-Social Behaviour?

ASB is behaviour which causes or is likely to cause alarm, harassment and distress.

There are three main types of ASB:

Nuisance - incidents where an act, condition, thing or person causes trouble, annoyance, inconvenience, offence or suffering to the local community in general rather than to individual victims

Environmental - incidents where individuals and groups have an impact on their surroundings including natural, built and social environments

Personal - targeted at an individual or group or having an impact on an individual or group rather than the community as a whole

ASB is not:

- being unable to park outside your own home

- children playing in the street or communal areas

- civil disputes between neighbours e.g. shared driveways, boundary disputes

- lifestyle differences

- young people gathering socially

We will seek to resolve reports informally or, if appropriate, with the use of legal powers.

How do I report ASB?

You can report ASB to the Building Communities Together Team.

If you are a tenant of a social housing provider and have a complaint of ASB relating to the property that you live in, please contact your landlord. Housing association tenants should report the issue directly to their housing officer.

You can also report ASB to the police using the non-emergency number, 101.

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