The Emotional Health Academy

Helping children, young people and families find support for emotional well-being earlier, faster and more easily

The Emotional Health Academy is West Berkshire's early intervention emotional health service. The service opened in April 2016 and works alongside services in the public and voluntary sector, including GPs and schools, to strengthen wellbeing and resilience in West Berkshire children, young people and families. The Academy draws on funding from the Local Authority, CCG, Public Health and schools.

The goal of the Academy is to support children and young people as early as possible and to stop emotional health problems from getting worse.


Please contact us on 01635 519018 or at

What is Emotional Health?

It's a broad term for dealing with feelings and emotions.  There are common signs of poor emotional health. These are anxiety and stress, feeling irritable, sad or low most of the time, not feeling motivated, attention and concentration problems, or self-harm. You could also have problems with friendships and relationships, self-image, or a significant event in your life such as the loss of someone close. Emotional Health also deals with wellbeing, living a meaningful and fulfilling life, and reaching your potential. Many people experience poor emotional health at some point in their life, with 1 in 5 young people experiencing a mental health problem in any given year (WHO, 2013). However, how this can affect a person's life is very personal. As such, the Academy believes in providing support and care that is tailored and responsive to your needs.

Why was the Emotional Health Academy started?

Many of the existing ways to get help with issues around emotional health are under pressure, and services are understandably slow to respond as a result. The Emotional Health Academy helps to join people up with the things they need more quickly and at an earlier stage, before problems get worse. It's not designed to replace existing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), but to work alongside them.

What does the Emotional Health Academy offer?

- Multiagency Emotional Health Triage 

- Clinical Service and Community Outreach

- School Offer

How can you get involved?

We'd love you to talk about the Emotional Health Academy with your child's school and in your community.
Or if you run a service that provides some of this help already, let us know - we can work with you to make sure we don't overlap and that we work together in the best way possible.

Getting help

If you're a young person (aged between 11 and 19), and in need of help, get in touch with us using our online form.

If you're a parent, guardian, teacher or professional with concerns about a young person with emerging emotional health issues, please visit our referrals webpage.