Family Group Conference

Getting your family, other relatives and close friends together, to plan to make things better.

What is a Family Group Conference?

It's a way of getting your family, other relatives and close friends together at an agreed location to plan to make things better.

All families have problems and sometimes need help to sort things out. A Family Group Conference (FGC) is a voluntary meeting for your family where you all have a chance to come up with ideas about how to improve things for children in the family.


For families

An FGC is led by family members, which means that professionals only attend for part of the time. They then leave you and your family to make decisions. Once you have agreed a plan, they return to the meeting and the plan is discussed so that everybody knows what they are going to do and to check there is no risk to the children. The family chooses someone to monitor the plan and there is usually another FGC planned for a later date.


For professionals

FGCs often run alongside other service provision into the child and family's life. The children may already be looked after, or may become so. They could be subject to care proceedings, child protection, or child in need processes. They may be offending, committing anti-social behaviour, becoming homeless, or been excluded from school. Many of these factors (and others) may apply. An FGC could improve things and/or work in combination with other input to support the children and their families.