The Emotional Health Academy

A network of qualified psychology graduates working with young people and families to provide early, quick, responsive support.

What is The Emotional Health Academy?

It's a new initiative that's part of  Building Communities Together

It's not a building, but the name for a network of qualified psychology graduates. These professionals work with young people and families to provide early, quick, responsive support. They also work closely with and in schools, with GPs, children's centres (now called Family Wellbeing Hubs), the police and other organisations.

Our emotional health workers are already in schools across West Berkshire, and the kind of help it can give includes; one to one support, group sessions and arranging specific types of therapy.


Why do we need it?

Many of the existing ways to get help with issues around emotional health are under pressure, and services are understandably slow to respond as a result. The Emotional Health Academy helps to join people up with the things they need more quickly and at an earlier stage, before problems get worse. It's not designed to replace existing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), but to work alongside them.


How can I get involved?

If you're a young person (aged between 11 and 19) ask for help here.

If you're a parent, guardian, teacher or professional with concerns about a young person with emerging emotional health issues ask for help here.

If you run a service that provides some of this help already, let us know - we can work with you to make sure we don't overlap and work together in the best way possible. Email to find out more.