Restorative Practice

A training programme to help communities and people communicate better

Not to be confused with "Restorative Justice", Restorative Practice helps communities and people communicate better and resolves issues in a practical way that works for all concerned. It's already being used to build, maintain and repair relationships in our communities.

Often, people are told by others what to do if things aren't going so well with their family or neighbours. Let's face it; nobody likes being told what to do!  Restorative Practice is different.  It allows people to talk and agree remedial actions that they are comfortable with and are more likely to be successful because of that.

It's a different approach which needs a slightly different mind and skill set. It's easy to learn and to put into action and the benefits to all kinds of relationships and communities are endless.

The Building Communities Together Team provide training to local people. This training helps to join up different organisations and people, and to build, maintain and repair relationships between different parts of our communities.

The training will give people the skills to:

- Listen to each other better

- Talk things through that they feel strongly about

- Think up and put into practice ways to help their communities

Our  webpage has videos explaining more about the scheme, including comments from young people who've already taken part.

How to get involved

If you're interested in attending the training, get in touch with the Restorative Practice Training Team.

Watch Restorative Practice in Action!