A great way to gain and share skills, and help build your community.

Volunteering is a great way to gain and share skills and to make things happen within communities. The 'can do' attitude of volunteers is an integral part of Building Communities Together. We all have talents and expertise that can easily be put to good use to create incredible results that bring amazing benefits for all community members. Helping to build something good within a community will make you feel good too.

Volunteers receive the relevant training and support to make their contributions fun and worthwhile, and provide opportunities to learn new skills.   Most volunteer opportunities are flexible so you can choose how much time you are able to spend.

Apply to volunteer at West Berkshire Council here.

We spoke to Karyn who was at the Hungerford Family and Wellbeing Hub taking a course to train Volunteers, which is a key part of the Building Communities Together remit and ethos.  She speaks about how the Hub has helped boost her confidence and take a new career path.