Community Triggers

Requesting a review of actions taken to prevent persistent ASB

Community Triggers came into effect in 2014 under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

They give victims of persistent anti-social behaviour (ASB), the opportunity to request a review of the actions taken by the agencies involved, when they feel that the actions taken have not been adequate to resolve the problem.

Community Triggers are not used to:

- report ASB in the first instance

- report general acts of crime, including hate crime

- make a specific complaint about the handling of a case

How can I request a review?

To request a review, there must have been:

- at least three reports from one person, within a six month period OR

- five reports from different people, within a six month period, of a problem that is not currently being investigated

You must have reported the ASB within one month of the alleged behaviour taking place and the application for the Community Trigger review must be made within 6 months of the report of anti-social behaviour. You can see more information about reporting ASB.

You can request a review using the pdf icon Community Trigger application form [43kb] and return it to the Community Triggers Team. Alternatively, contact the Police or your registered housing provider. We advise that you read the pdf icon Community Trigger application guidance [98kb] before making a request. Requests that are deemed to be malicious or prejudiced will not be accepted. 

A review can also be requested by someone, on behalf of a victim. For example, a review can be requested by a family member, friend, carer or professional person with the victim's consent.

What can I expect once I've requested a review?

Once you have requested a review, a panel comprising members of the police and the council, will review how the various agencies have responded, including information sharing, reviewing the actions already taken, and if necessary, make recommendations on how the problem can be resolved. 

The review process will take approximately 30 days.

A Community Trigger review does not replace the internal complaints procedure for each organisation, which will still be available to deal with any issues the victim/complainant may have.

Community Trigger applications

2015/16 - 1 request received which did not meet the criteria for a Community Trigger.

2016/17 - no requests meeting the criteria for the Community Trigger have been received, as of November 2016.