Clinical Services and Community Outreach

What does the Academy's clinical service offer?

The Emotional Health Academy employs experienced clinical workers who carry out emotional health assessment and deliver evidenced based low intensity talking therapies. The support we offer is always tailored to the needs of the child or young person, and as such we offer the support in schools, local Family Hubs, or people's homes. It is important to us that all children and young people are given support in a place where they feel comfortable and safe.

The clinical team's goal is to prevent the development of serious and enduring problems.

What does the Academy's community outreach offer?

The Emotional Health Academy offers a range of outreach services across West Berkshire. Our team works alongside local Family Hubs, voluntary services and other key community projects to support our most vulnerable families and communities.

This involves individual work with families, whose children are experiencing emotional health difficulties, often in their homes or a place of their choosing.

The Academy also delivers a range of targeted and primary prevention programs designed to support families with different needs:

The Overcoming Programme (Willetts, Creswell, Thirlwall & Parkinson, 2016), is a six session course over eight weeks for parents of children with emerging anxiety difficulties. The program is CBT based and seeks to strengthen parents' skills in supporting and reducing their child's anxiety. Recent research shows that supporting parents to support their child is an effective way of preventing or stopping anxiety problems from having a significant and negative impact on their lives.

Quotes from parents

"The EHA has been the most helpful of all the service I have received over the last six years."

"Thought it was a great programme - well delivered with excellent experts on hand."

The Academy has developed and delivered the Emotional Wellbeing Group in partnership with West Berkshire's Targeted Intervention Service. The programme provides young people (11 to 19) with a shared space to learn about common emotional health issues. In this group young people discuss different coping strategies, techniques and ways to improve their wellbeing. Topics include anger, anxiety, self esteem, friendships; body image and building resilience.

Quotes from young people

"Since coming to the group, I've felt much more positive about things and realised there are more people in the world like me and that's helped me relax."

"I got nervous about going to new places with new people so it's helped me overcome being anxious about going to new places with new things."

The Academy is also able to deliver Psychological Perspectives in Education and Primary Care (PPEPCare) training. Modules have been developed by experts in the field for those working in primary care and education. The aim is to increase awareness of how to understand and detect mental health difficulties in children and adolescents, and how to support them and their families. Modules are free of charge and include:

Overview of Mental Health Difficulties, Anxiety, Depression & Low Mood, Self Harm, Conduct Disorder, Promoting Resilience, ASD & Mental Health, Working with Families.


Young people between the ages of 11 and 19 can ask for support directly using our online form.

If you are a parent/carer or professional concerned about the emotional health of a child or young person you can submit a referral to .